Testimonials from Satisfied Entrepreneurs

AppInstruct gave me heaps of invaluable industry insights on how to create a great app and has definitely saved me thousands in development costs.

Lawrence Yu Lawrence Yu
Founder, Purifyy

AppInstruct delivers tailored advice helping app entrepreneurs avoid costly mistakes. What we learned demystified our app idea and troopr is now a working product, launching soon!

Richard Ing Richard Ing
Co-Founder, Troopr

AppInstruct collates all the critical information you need to create an app business. The materials are insightful and well written.

Lindsay Rattray Lindsay Rattray
Founder, ClassWired

AppInstruct provided great insights which helped us refine our app idea and get it into the app stores sooner. It's a great new learning resource for those with an app idea.

Amit Jaiswal Amit Jaiswal
CEO, Foogi

Combining tutorials in the fundamentals with practical case studies, AppInstruct provided troopr with the tools and knowledge to develop our app and successfully grow our business.

Michael Lieu Michael Lieu
Co-Founder, Troopr

The Course is the MBA for the mobile apps industry. Anybody with an app idea, should learn with AppInstruct. The team's professional advice has been a huge help in launching our start-up.

Jeremy Kwong-Law Jeremy Kwong-Law
Founder, Vistr

The Appinstruct Course provides all the critical information for someone looking to transform their idea into a launched app, in one easy to follow resource. We only wish it had been available sooner.

Gunnar Kristoffer Wold Gunnar Kristoffer Wold
CEO, Oogababy

I was astounded by how much useful information was compiled and presented in this course. The statistical models, graphs, and the insight was presented clearly making it easy to understand and digest. The AppInsturct course has helped me put focus and concentration into areas of app development that I had no idea existed. This course ensures a more efficient use of my time and my capital. More than anything, AppInstruct's course has given me the realization that "The time is now". If you're concerned with your business or your personal brand, this course is absolutely imperative.

Kevin Schrader Kevin Schrader
at concept stage

An incredible amount of time and energy has gone into AppInstruct's materials. I now have a much fuller picture of how to build & market my App.

Hugh Minson Hugh Minson
validating idea

The business oriented, easy to understand content of AppInstruct saved us weeks of critical research. The breadth of important key areas and valuable exercise files, proved very useful in deciding on which technology to make our updated D-CYDE, decision making application. The well organised content has also given us rich insights, critical to saving us money in managing our offshore development team. AppInstruct is a must for anyone considering building a mobile application or managing a start-up.

David Hunter David Hunter

I have started the course and am loving it so far. It is way more comprehensive than other material I have seen. Good on you guys!

Josie Flynn Josie Flynn
Founder, CajFriend

LinkedIn references for our Experts

Our team of experts are considered leaders in mobile application development and know how to make an app; here's what has been said about them on LinkedIn:

Ash has proved to be an invaluable reference, guide and mentor in all aspects of user experience design. Ash's knowledge of user centred design process, methodologies and research is vast. His ability to communicate design and help others understand what forms the users' experience inspires excellence.

James Hunter James Hunter
Mobile UX Lead, News Ltd

Claudia is the consummate Online and Mobile Consultant. Not only does she genuinely know the sector, she is also completely up to date with all aspects of the development of this rapidly evolving arena.

David Opitz
Projects Manager, Metro Screen

Alan is a remarkably enthusiastic teacher, capable manager and studious learner. His teaching manner is informal and relaxed and he relates well with students. He is an outstanding tutor.

Liam O'Connor-Davis Liam O'Connor-Davis
Lambda Scientist, PLs Teacher

Vijay always impresses me with his depth of knowledge and technical expertise. Always up to date with the latest in cutting edge, he is never afraid to use the best technology for the project. I would recommend Vijay to any highly technical role.

Andre Pinkowski Andre Pinkowski
Senior EPM, Spectrum Wired Pty Ltd

I worked with Nic closely while at Crescent Capital - he was a great lawyer, highly experienced and always commercial.

Chris Yoo
Investment Director, Crescent Capital Partners

Claudia is an exceptional business individual. I've always had the deepest respect and admiration for the great work Claudia did as Chairperson of AIMIA. I can highly recommend Claudia's expertise.

Shane Williamson Shane Williamson
Senior Product Manager

Claudia is one of the key people in the mobile industry in Australia. She did a fabulous job as chair of AIMIA and is a brilliant consultant.

Patricia Timoner McManus Patricia Timoner McManus
Grow Advisors

Vijay takes a great deal of pride in his work and provides a great deal of guidance in every step of the development process from design to implementation.

Damien Donnelly Damien Donnelly
Product Manager, Lasoo

An amazing organizer whose major conferences always attract the best and brightest, Claudia is also a consummate networker and connector, drawing on her huge web of relationships within the cutting-edge mobile, technology and media sectors. I'm amazed she hasn't been snapped up by Goldman Sachs, IBM or Goggle.

Tim Parsons Tim Parsons
Director of Product Innovation, Mi9

Claudia operates with the highest integrity, is exceptionally knowledgeable of the mobile/wireless industry, is intelligent and has a great sense of humour. She is highly respected by her peers and friends alike.

John Smallwood John Smallwood
Director, Game Changer

Claudia is tireless in her support for the digital industry and maintains fantastic business relationships. She is professional, a great communicator and organizer and I look forward to opportunities to work with her. Not to mention she is my go to person on mobile.

Scott-Bradley Pearce Scott-Bradley Pearce
Head of Content Marketing & Video, ArdentDigital

In an emerging market, certain people stand out for their unswerving belief in the opportunities along the road. Claudia is such a person. Claudia's vision of a commercial future for mobile was clear and held with great conviction. I would recommend her as a key opinion leader in the mobile space, as a trustworthy partner in the field of mobile engagement and as a person of immense character.

Darren Paterson Darren Paterson
Group Business Director, ZenithOptimedia

Claudia is a leading Mobile Commerce Strategist, actively working with clients to de-mystify Mobile Commerce and help them succeed.

Vishy Narayanan
Head of Online, Cochlear

Nicholas worked with me on the merger between Westpac Banking Corporation and St. George. Nicholas is an extremely capable corporate lawyer who delivered not only first class legal advice but also designed innovative solutions to address complex issues.

Tim Hartin
Group Company Secretary & COO - Compliance, Legal and Secretariat,Westpac

Whether mobile marketing, advertising, content or education – Claudia has an extensive understanding of the issues and willingness to work to achieve the best outcome for all involved. She understands that big ideas require small steps to turn them into commercial reality.

Jennifer Wilson Jennifer Wilson
Director, The Project Factory

I engaged Claudia to undertake sensitive yet critical market research for a new company in the mobile-advertising space. The report not only fulfilled the brief, but Claudia added insights that became major cornerstones of the campaign.

Michael JP Page
Chairman, Net Ventures