About AppInstruct

In the beginning

We were inspired to create a Course to enable people who couldn't code, to create an app.

What our Students have told us

Is that the Course we've designed - the critical thinking it stimulates - the broad skills it teaches - from research - through design – outsourcing - law and marketing – is as useful for and needed by developers... as it is for everybody else.

Knowing how to code - not enough anymore

Having expertise in a single domain - even a relevant one like coding or design - is no longer enough to make a great app. What's more... the Objective C (Apple) and Java (Android) languages are 2 of the hardest to master – often taking over a year, even for experienced web developers.

We provide you with the skills and knowledge to:

  • professionally research your app idea;
  • technically understand the app you'll make;
  • get started designing it;
  • find & engage professionally with developers; and
  • find a market for your launch,

greatly increasing your chance of making a great app that's successful.

The skills a successful app needs

Much thought was devoted to designing the Course around the 10 tutorials – which is why they now create the roadmap you need to get started in making your app.

Get started

You need to understand the apps' market - to properly assess and research your idea before you get started spending time and money on building it.

That's where the first 2 tutorials come in.

Then you need to understand the technical differences between the platforms, and technical requirements of different apps – to understand what it is you're going to make – that's tutorial 3.

Tutorial 4 and 5, complete the idea validation process with user experience - before moving onto user interface where you'll begin to bring your app to life – first with pencil and paper!

Start developing

Then in tutorials 6 and 7, we cover project and product management techniques, how to use the outsourcing platforms, how to identify and recruit the talent you'll need, how to validate skills and then manage that chosen talent. Developers really do think (and work) differently.


In tutorial 8, you'll learn the core legal and fundraising skills that you may need to call upon – from setting up a company, to protecting the intellectual property you create.

Launch and grow

Reaching the intended market is as important as any other single aspect of making a successful app – so in tutorial 9 we cover all the main marketing techniques and focus on the things that are proven to work.

We round things off in tutorial 10, by explaining the submission process (particularly important with Apple), covering the things ever successful app maker focuses on post launch and identifying the secret sauce of the apps that have created the biggest returns for their owners – Instagram and Waze (both sold for $1billion +), CSR Racing ($12 million in a month), and Temple Run.

Exercise Files

Use these to professionally think through your idea and plan the app that you'll make.

Library of case studies

We've a library of case studies taken from the whole spectrum of success – from million $ game studios, to Mum's that have created and run their apps as a hobby business. Learn from others' experience. Here's a selection from our growing library: