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How online study works

The great thing about studying online is that you choose: where, when, and at what pace. Select your username and password, which allow you to login to our secure Student site - which hosts the Course materials.

Studying online

Online education is increasingly the preferred means of learning for students globally - no other platform so seamlessly fits with your existing obligations. Our materials stimulate your own critical thinking. Educators have proven this to be the most effective way to learn.

Learn anywhere, on any device

You can study our app development course at home, at work or while on the move and on any device. Want to read a tutorial on your tablet, on the train to work? Just download it and off you go.

Receive the best, collective app expertise

Our Course contains the collective expertise of 7 industry experts, who've worked for leading brands on their top apps. You receive their insights, for a fraction of the cost.

The mobile app course is about what works in practice - with real-world examples of success.

Gain these skills quickly

You'll learn how to create an app over 10 Tutorials. Assessments are voluntary - but enable you to confirm that you've picked up the key points from each Tutorial.

If you're in a hurry, our mobile application development course might take you as little as 15 hours to complete, and it's comprehensive.

The Course materials are current

The mobile market is growing exponentially - advancing at a rapid pace. Our online platform enables us to consistently update our materials to discuss and reflect these changes.

Questions answered

If you've a question, then we'll answer it – either promptly (within 24 hours) by email, or join our weekly global video conference call to discuss it with our experts and your fellow students. We're here for you.

AppInstruct – enabling the world to make better apps.