Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I complete the Course?

The mobile application development course can be completed in as little as 15 hours, but you have 12 months of access in which to graduate. Should you require longer then we may extend your enrollment.

Are there any classes to attend?

No, all the materials are online and available for you to access where and when easiest for you.

Do I need to know how to program?

No, there's no need to know how to code in order to get the most out of the mobile application course. Simply knowing how to code, is no longer enough to be successful in the app stores – today, you need the broad skill set that AppInstruct provides.

Can I use the free trial again?

The AppInstruct free trial is only available once per registered email address. There is no time limit on your free trial, but you are restricted in the Course materials you can view during the trial.

Course pricing

We have 2 pricing plans, $249 up front or $24.99 per month. Both include all materials.

Can I log in to the student dashboard from any computer with my user name and password, or am I limited to a single computer?

Yes, you can log in to the student dashboard from any internet connected device.

Can I download your online tutorials?

Yes, we've deliberately designed the tutorials so you can download them and study them anywhere, on any device.

What about template DIY app building software for non-developers?

These platforms are only capable of producing generic, simple, non-native apps. They can't produce bespoke apps, or native apps of the quality to validate your idea and make money.

Are there regional differences?

There are, so the Course materials have been written from a global perspective, with areas such as the legal tutorial focusing on regional practices in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

What does the 'remember me' checkbox do?

By default, you are automatically logged out of your AppInstruct session after four hours of inactivity. Once you check the 'remember me' checkbox, a cookie is stored on your device so that you will be automatically logged in indefinitely when you use that device and browser to access AppInstruct. The cookie expires after 2 weeks of inactivity, so if you don't access your account for 2 weeks, you will have to log in manually with your user name and password again.

Please note: This feature is browser dependent, so if you access AppInstruct from 2 different devices or 2 different browsers, you will have to log out on one device and re-log in on the second device.

It is also recommended that you do not check 'remember me' if you share your device with others.

What is the AppInstruct Certificate of Achievement?

The AppInstruct Certificate of Achievement rewards students for completing the optional assessments, which form part of the Course. Upon completion of these assessments, a certificate in your name is automatically generated that is viewable online, downloadable, or emailable to anyone the member chooses. AppInstruct suggests that students send either copies of their Certificate of Achievement or a link to their Certificate of Achievement to their potential development team, employers, colleagues or friends.

Does any other organization recognize the certificate. Is it endorsed by a third-party authority?

No, but upon receiving certifications, students receive exclusive access to the the most talented developers and designers on Upwork's platform.

Why did AppInstruct create this Certificate?

The Certificate was created as an incentive for students to share their experience at AppInstruct, and as an incentive for those yet to enroll.

Does it cost anything?

There is no additional cost to receive a certificate on completion of Appinstruct.

Is there someone at AppInstruct who can verify the certificate? For example, if someone lists it on his or her resume, could a potential employer contact AppInstruct and confirm?

There is a support team at AppInstruct to kindly answer any questions from employers about the Certificates of Achievement, although AppInstruct cannot divulge any personal or private information about a student or former student to other parties.

What types of credit cards do you accept?

We accept Mastercard and Visa. All prices are in U.S. dollars. Non-U.S residents are billed at the current exchange rate, as determined by their credit card issuer.

How will the charge appear on my credit card statement?

The charge will appear as "Twenty First Century Education Pty Limited".

We also accept PayPal.

If I pay for my purchases with credit card, are those purchases secure?

When you shop at AppInstruct, you can always feel confident that your credit card information is secure. We utilize the very latest technology, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), to encrypt (or electronically scramble) all credit card numbers. Additionally, to protect against hackers or other unauthorized personnel, we have firewalls and other security measures protecting our server. Any credit card information or personal information you transfer to us is kept in a secure database server at all times.

If you still have questions, please contact our Customer Support using the contact us form.

When I place an order online with my credit card, it asks for my Security Code. Where do I find that?

For Visa and Mastercard: Turn your credit card over, and you should see a number on the back, on the signature strip. Your Security Code consists of the last 3 digits at the end of that number.

AppInstruct gave me heaps of invaluable industry insights on how to create a great app and has definitely saved me thousands in development costs.

Lawrence Yu Lawrence Yu
Founder, Purifyy

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AppInstruct delivers tailored advice helping app entrepreneurs avoid costly mistakes. What we learned demystified our app idea and troopr is now a working product, launching soon!

Richard Ing Richard Ing
Co-Founder, Troopr

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AppInstruct collates all the critical information you need to create an app business. The materials are insightful and well written.

Lindsay Rattray Lindsay Rattray
Founder, ClassWired

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AppInstruct provided great insights which helped us refine our app idea and get it into the app stores sooner. It's a great new learning resource for those with an app idea.

Amit Jaiswal Amit Jaiswal
CEO, Foogi

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Combining tutorials in the fundamentals with practical case studies, AppInstruct provided troopr with the tools and knowledge to develop our app and successfully grow our business.

Michael Lieu Michael Lieu
Co-Founder, Troopr

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The Course is the MBA for the mobile apps industry. Anybody with an app idea, should learn with AppInstruct. The team's professional advice has been a huge help in launching our start-up.

Jeremy Kwong-Law Jeremy Kwong-Law
Founder, Vistr

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The Appinstruct Course provides all the critical information for someone looking to transform their idea into a launched app, in one easy to follow resource. We only wish it had been available sooner.

Gunnar Kristoffer Wold Gunnar Kristoffer Wold
CEO, Oogababy

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This course ensures a more efficient use of my time and my capital. More than anything, AppInstruct's course has given me the realization that "The time is now".

Kevin Schrader Kevin Schrader
at concept stage

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An incredible amount of time and energy has gone into AppInstruct's materials. I now have a much fuller picture of how to build & market my App.

Hugh Minson Hugh Minson
validating idea

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AppInstruct is a must for anyone considering building a mobile application or managing a start-up.

David Hunter David Hunter

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