Our Course Roadmap explains how to make an app

1. The Opportunity

  • Nicholas Wright

All App Developers must be Alert to Latest Trends, as these Represent Opportunity

  • The leading software systems
  • The problems with Android
  • Analysis of the App Stores
  • So what do people do on their mobile devices?
  • Leading categories of apps
  • The demographics of smartphone ownership
  • How apps make money
  • Future trends

2. Research & Strategy

  • Claudia Sagripanti
  • Nicholas Wright

Research your Idea, find a Business Model

  • Outline your concept
  • Research your target market
  • Research trends
  • Understand app business models & pricing
  • Paid or advertising supported - the numbers
  • Creating a budget
  • Lean start-up methodologies
  • The app definition statement
  • Software developer kits

3. Development Fundamentals

  • Indrajit Chakrabarty

Understand System Design; Understand Your App

  • Technical platform choice considerations
  • Benefits of native vs. hybrid vs. web apps
  • Technical considerations of mobile platform choice
  • Mobile languages
  • Coding tools
  • Cross platform developer tools
  • Understanding system design
  • The backend & the technology stack
  • Example costs of building backend solutions in the cloud

4. User Experience Fundamentals

  • Ash Donaldson

A User's Experience determines their Engagement

  • Why UX is crucial
  • Understanding behaviour
  • Know thy user. It's not You.
  • Understand the problem before trying to solve it
  • Testing designs: Disprove your hypothesis
  • Don't listen to what people say. Watch what they do
  • Be clear about the goal & purpose of every interaction
  • The details are the design

5. Interactive Design Fundamentals

  • Claudia Sagripanti
  • Iain Dowling

Have Fun designing the App's Interface

  • The essential design elements
  • Designing for touch
  • The infrastructure - user interface design
  • Understanding loyalty & return visits
  • Sketching tools
  • Customized or standard user interface?
  • Wireframing tools
  • Storyboarding
  • Prototyping on device

6. Project Management & Outsourcing

  • Nicholas Wright
  • Iain Dowling

Find & Select your Development Team

  • Product & project management techniques
  • The team you will need
  • Virtual working techniques
  • Comparison of the 3 leading outsourcing platforms
  • Best practices in outsourcing platform recruitment
  • How to verify a developer's skills
  • Development houses
  • 5 ways to save money when making an app

7. Managing App Development

  • Alan Zeino
  • Vijay Santhanam

Keeping the team focused & lean

  • Drafting a functional/technical specification & system design
  • Effectively managing your development team
  • Mobile application operating environments
  • Game development platforms
  • Options for on-device testing, using simulators or emulators
  • Essential app qualities
  • Payment integration

8. Essentials of Law & Fundraising

  • Nicholas Wright

Protect the App you Make

  • Ownership structures
  • Fundraising
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Non disclosure agreements
  • Intellectual Property law
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Gaming

9. Marketing Your App

  • Claudia Sagripanti

Distribution is the Key to Riches

  • Pre-launch strategies
  • Launch strategies
  • Post launch strategies
  • App Store optimization
  • Ways to build scale quickly
  • Guide to writing a press release
  • App focused search engine optimization
  • Analytics - measuring your marketing
  • Loyalty & retention

10. App Submission & Lifecycle

  • Vijay Santhanam
  • Iain Dowling
  • Nicholas Wright

Nurture the App you Make... for the Money to Flow

  • Navigating Apple's application & review process
  • The Developer Guidelines
  • Tips & tricks
  • In app reviews - responding
  • Track & measure - useful tools
  • Customer support
  • Localization
  • Champagne time - Instagram, Waze, Temple Run

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  • 10 Tutorials & Assessments

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  • Exercise Files & Templates

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  • Case Studies

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