The App Economy

This series of posts focuses attention on the app economy. Whilst the app stores have become more competitive, the app economy that has built up around them continues to enjoy tremendous growth. Gartner have predicted the app economy will triple in size, to generate revenues of $74.5billion each year by 2016. So, it’s still a great time to have an app idea, and AppInstruct’s Course will assist you in validating, making, launching and monetizing that idea into a successful app.

The App Year in Review – 2013 »

With 2013 drawing to a close (don’t they get shorter each year!), Distimo published a great publication of their app stores data this week. They’ve picked up on some key trends, useful for everyone contemplating making an app. Read more…

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iPad Air vs Macbook Air vs iPad Mini Retina? »

We thought we’d take a break from apps this week, and in the run up to Christmas (can you believe it’s only 5 weeks away!) take a look at the current suite of mobile Apple devices – the iPad Air, Macbook Air and iPad Mini Retina. Read more…

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Monetizing your app »

Arguably the greatest challenge for app developers remains how to effectively monetize their app making efforts.  There is little incentive for Apple, or Google, to innovate in this area – for them, access to inexpensive and plentiful apps, builds and reinforces their platforms.  For that reason, we’re always on the look out for new innovations in monetizing an app. Read more…

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How to create an app using a smartphone’s location »

In the last decade, smartphones and other mobile devices have changed the way we communicate with each other. Smartphone users are increasingly using social media apps to exchange short messages, photos, videos and recorded audio. The next few years will see users’ apps sensing and connecting to read data from billboards, vending machines, and other devices.   The arrival of iBeacon looks set to accelerate this trend. Read more…

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Make an app – why? Great odds for exceptional returns »

The growing message in the popular media is that the opportunity to make millions in the mobile app space is receding, as existing players become more entrenched within the app stores.  It’s also true that with both Apple’s App Store and Google Play now in a race to reach the magic 1 million available apps mark, it’s become much harder for independent developers to break through.

There’s truth to both these points, but they also focus on the negative, rather than the positive. Read more…

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