How to Make an App

This series of posts explores how to make an app through a series of case studies of leading apps. With the app stores now competitive, it’s crucial to success to know how to make an app before you start. This series will assist you in that regard, and to learn more you should invest in AppInstruct’s Course, where you’ll find all the in depth knowledge and skills to teach you how to make an app.

Why we created an app Course »

The first topic of our blog easily picks itself, being the all important “Why?”

When I left my legal career and started to seriously look at entrepreneurial opportunities, the trend to mobile quickly stood out as one of the great technological opportunities of this decade.  The business of making apps for mobile use, currently focused on our smartphones, will in a short time move to wearable technology (Google Glasses are already in developer testing, the rumoured iWatch becomes increasingly inevitable), our car (made clear with iOS7), our TV and ultimately our entire home (the so called internet of things). Read more…

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