How to Make an App

This series of posts explores how to make an app through a series of case studies of leading apps. With the app stores now competitive, it’s crucial to success to know how to make an app before you start. This series will assist you in that regard, and to learn more you should invest in AppInstruct’s Course, where you’ll find all the in depth knowledge and skills to teach you how to make an app.

How to make an app like Viber »

Once labelled the “Skype Killer,” mobile and desktop app Viber differs from its rivals Skype and WhatsApp in its business model.

280 million people  use the free messaging and voice-over-internet app Viber, compared to the 430 million who use WhatsApp and Skype’s 1 billion users.  Its strongest market is in Vietnam and the Philippines. Read more…

What the WhatsApp deal means for mobile »

The start of Iain’s post on WhatsApp back in the first week of January now seems eerily insightful:

When people talk of ‘the next Facebook’, then the name at the front of most technology people’s minds is WhatsApp Messenger.

We now know those people included Mark Zuckerberg! So what does this remarkable $19billion valuation of a smartphone app created and managed by a small team of 50 people, tell us about the mobile apps industry? Read more…

Did Facebook overpay for Whatsapp? »

When Facebook agreed to pay up to $19 billion for WhatsApp last week, it set an unprecedented value on what is simply a mobile app – indeed, unlike iMessenger or Google Hangouts, WhatsApp is not available on the desktop.  WhatsApp has nearly 450 million users, but only made $20million in revenue last year – so did Facebook overpay? Read more…