App Case Studies

This series of posts features app case studies of existing apps, demonstrating how to create an app. It looks at a mix of different types of apps, both in terms of app store category and popularity and success. We hope you find this series of app case studies useful. If you’d like to read more app case studies and learn more about the mobile shift, then you should invest in AppInstruct’s Course to gain access to more in depth versions of these app case studies, the key lessons to take from them and numerous other knowledge and skills that will help you create an app business.

How to make an app like Temple Run »

Temple Run is the endless running game developed by Imangi Studios, a husband and wife led three person team (they added a graphic designer!), that since switching to an in-app-purchase business model a month after launch (due to their noticing a drop off in downloads – the number of new users started to decline at the end of the second week), has regularly featured at the top of the app stores’ charts.

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