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Richard is a co-founder and CEO of troopr. Richard is passionate about bringing people together, collaborating with Australian-based Startups, loves snowboarding and all things corgi-related. Richard's favorite app is GoogleDrive, which allows him to access any important doc on the go.

The thrill of validating your first customer »

Richard was one of our first students at AppInstruct.  This begins a series of monthly posts from him, plotting his team’s journey as they accelerate from an idea for an app, to a mobile business!

Do you know that feeling when you’re hustling and hacking your ass off and sometimes wonder what’s it all for? We do, but we embrace it. At troopr, we understand the life of a start-up is tough and full of uncertainty but with the right amount preparation, knowledge and just a touch of luck, you can transform uncertainty into opportunity. Read more…