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Claudia's been a thought leader in mobile marketing since the early 1990s. She was the founding chair of AIMIA. In addition to expertise in marketing mobile apps, she brings a background in early stage funding to the Course. Claudia loves being surprised by new music on her Pandora app.

How to create an app like Fruit Ninja »

Interview with Phil Larsen, Chief Marketing Officer, Half Brick Studios

A self-described nerd and passionate gamer, Phil has been involved in games all his life. With an interest in writing and creative design, he started writing game reviews while still at university. Read more…

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How to make an app like Bullistic Unleashed »

I recently caught up with Zac Jacobs, Director and App Developer of of multi-award winning Millipede, which is one of the world’s most experienced and talented game developers, with a specialty in mobile and tablet applications across all platforms.

We caught up to discuss the lessons he learned when they developed and released their app Bullistic Unleashed last year, a fun game which uses physics based gameplay similar to that originated in the hugely popular Angry Birds. Read more…

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