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Nicholas is a co-founder and CEO of AppInstruct. Nic is actively involved in the start-up space, mentoring other founders with mobile, fundraising and legal advice. Nic's favorite app is WhatsApp, which allows him to remain in contact with family in America and England.

Make an app – why? Great odds for exceptional returns »

The growing message in the popular media is that the opportunity to make millions in the mobile app space is receding, as existing players become more entrenched within the app stores.  It’s also true that with both Apple’s App Store and Google Play now in a race to reach the magic 1 million available apps mark, it’s become much harder for independent developers to break through.

There’s truth to both these points, but they also focus on the negative, rather than the positive. Read more…

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How to make an app like Temple Run »

Temple Run is the endless running game developed by Imangi Studios, a husband and wife led three person team (they added a graphic designer!), that since switching to an in-app-purchase business model a month after launch (due to their noticing a drop off in downloads – the number of new users started to decline at the end of the second week), has regularly featured at the top of the app stores’ charts.

Read more…

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Why we created an app Course »

The first topic of our blog easily picks itself, being the all important “Why?”

When I left my legal career and started to seriously look at entrepreneurial opportunities, the trend to mobile quickly stood out as one of the great technological opportunities of this decade.  The business of making apps for mobile use, currently focused on our smartphones, will in a short time move to wearable technology (Google Glasses are already in developer testing, the rumoured iWatch becomes increasingly inevitable), our car (made clear with iOS7), our TV and ultimately our entire home (the so called internet of things). Read more…

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