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Arguably the greatest challenge for app developers remains how to effectively monetize their app making efforts.  There is little incentive for Apple, or Google, to innovate in this area – for them, access to inexpensive and plentiful apps, builds and reinforces their platforms.  For that reason, we’re always on the look out for new innovations in monetizing an app.

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A Sydney-based company, YoYo Button, has created and recently launched an original means for app developers to monetize their users.

Typically advertisers pay for impressions and/or clicks, however, due to the low return on investment on mobile to date (other than within Facebook’s Newsfeed), these ads tend not to pay app developers well.  Facebook’s billion users, and the amount they know about those users, means it’s difficult for other app owners to offer comparative reach or value.

YoYo Button takes a new approach – rather than charging on an impression or click basis, they seek to monetize an app by charging advertisers for email leads generated through their service and, where those leads result in a purchase, a commission on that sale. While this results in fewer interactions between the advertiser and user, the value of the interaction is much higher to the advertiser.  The hope is that income generated from these leads and commissions, will prove significantly greater than may have been earned from traditional advertising efforts.

YoYo Button are seeking to earn an app owner $1 or more per lead generated.  A lead is a user providing their email address to an advertiser.  An example of their commission model, is  where a user enters the reward wallet and unlocks the advertiser’s reward of 15% off, the user would save $27.00 on a $180.00 purchase, and the app owner would earn $10.80.

YoYo Button’s integration within the app is less invasive than most banner or interstitial advertising platforms (just requiring a small button to be integrated).

YoYo Button claims to actually be adding to an app’s user experience, by making rewards available to them.  To gain access to these in-app rewards, users ‘unlock’ rewards of their choice by answering 3 quick questions asked by the relevant brand.

If you’d like to experience YoYo Button’s innovative solution first hand, download their demo app from the App Store or Google Play.

To inquire about integrating their reward wallet with your app, you can check out their website here.  They provide complimentary developer resources to integrate the YoYo Button into third party apps.  The process takes about an hour depending on the third party app.

As we said at the start, assisting developers to improve the monetary returns on their efforts is a subject dear to our hearts, so if there’s something you’re working on, please get in touch.

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