About AppInstruct

AppInstruct is the online Course teaching people how to make a mobile app on the popular mobile platforms – Apple's iOS, Android and Windows Phone. With the market now competitive, it's important to have a broad knowledge base before you start making your app – even if you already have expertise in one relevant field, such as design, or web development – our Course will assist you, by broadening your knowledge across all the relevant areas – strategy, mobile development, design, legal and marketing.

If you're coming into this without any relevant experience, then our Course will accelerate your learning to expert in about 15 hours.

Nicholas Wright, Vijay Santhanam and Iain Dowling established the Course in 2013. Nic was inspired to create the Course, upon realizing there was no reputable and trusted resource available to assist people with an app idea, in getting started. Further, he had witnessed examples of app entrepreneurs failing to execute successfully, because they lacked a proper understanding of what it was they were looking to achieve before starting. Nic partnered with experienced mobile developers Vijay and Iain, co-founding AppInstruct to solve this problem.

The Course provides people with an idea all the core knowledge and skills they need to develop that idea into a great app.

Learning is centred around 10 core tutorials and fun case studies from hugely successful apps like Instagram and Fruit Ninja, to regular apps like Scan2List and Bullistic Unleashed.

Exercise files and templates enable You to plan and design both your app and your business.

The Course tutorials, exercise files and templates have been written by a team of leading app experts, recruited based on their relevant industry expertise.

We will assist You in validating your idea and then turning that idea into a successful app, as quickly and cost effectively as possible. This will save you time and you'll quickly recoup the Course cost.

The team are based in Sydney, Australia. They host weekly video conference calls, reaching Platinum package Students wherever they are in the World.